Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?
Hour rate is $5. We have a fixed hourly rate for all work.

How many hours available per week?
40hrs available per week per person. Customer can hire multiple persons to perform a task.

In what Time available?
Yes, our Virtual Assistants typically work Indian working hours (9am to 6pm IST). If you need a different set of hours and/or weekends we can accommodate your needs. Working during non-regular hours attract additional costs.

Is there any minimum order?
No, there is no minimum order. You can order as required.

What is the way for payment?
Invoices are raised through Paypal every week.

What tasks can my virtual assistant perform for me?
Tasks can be of almost any type that does not require a physical presence & can be executed using a computer. The best tasks are those type’s that you can easily explain/teach us through chat or email. All of our Virtual Assistants are trainable and love learning new things. We love challenges and learning how to do what we are asked to do properly as long as everything is decent and legal. Our virtual assistants are experienced in US real estate sector and have knowledge of data sources, processes, templates to execute tasks with minimum customer intervention. We can hit the ground running very quickly.

Can my virtual assistant make outbound calls?
Unfortunately, our Virtual Assistants do not make outbound calls at this moment of time.

Is there a free pilot hours?
Yes, we offer 1 hour of work free for every hour of work paid for first 5 hours of work assigned to us for every new customer.

What about confidential business information?
We know that you might have some concerns over the disclosure of your confidential business information. Rest assured! We are secure, locked-up and password-protected… and we will never disclose information about your business to anyone.