Refinance Ready: Target refinance candidates (individuals who have not refinanced during the period. Customer can choose the date range or view individuals who have recently refinanced.

Seller Finance leads: Create a list of prospects where the seller provides the financing for a home purchase, often in combination with an assumed mortgage.

Available Equity: List of Homeowners with available equity.

Sub-Prime Leads: List of individuals that have current loans through a sub-prime lender. Ideal for marketing refinance or second mortgage loans.

LTV Equity: A prospect list based on a property’s Loan-to-Value range, or the maximum percentage of the loan amount to the appraised value of the property.

Cash Buyer Leads: Find investors who have recently made all cash purchases of residential or commercial properties.

New Homes/New Owners: Obtain information on new homeowners who have moved into a specific geographic area during the last 60, 90, 120 and 180 days.

New Movers:
Generate a list of individuals who have purchased within the past 14 days.

Foreclosures: Search for individuals with active foreclosures against their property. Use the foreclosure list to Locate owners in pre-foreclosure.

Find properties going to auction: Search for all or filter using document recorded date, auction date, delinquent date, delinquent amount, minimum bid amount, or property characteristics.

Property Analysis: Use the comprehensive reports and downloadable file to determine what properties to pursue.

Judgment Leads

We offer customized Judgement research for customers across all states in the US. Based on the customer specifications, the experienced team of online researchers identify judgments, which meet the set criteria. Our experienced online researchers does extensive research of courthouse documents and public records. We have customers across the US and searching for judgment debtors owning real estate is our advantage. We do extensive research to meet your specific requirements enabling our customers save a lot of research time and improve the chances of finding a judgments, lead which can be enforced relatively easy. We’ll be sure to research and locate only the leads that meet your specific criteria. Whether one is looking for leads that are 6 months old or 5 years old, we will provide exactly what is requested. Leads are customised leads and never resold.

As we take care of your back end research work, your teams can focus on your core competency the judgement collection. We will tailor our research to fit your needs and present the data to you in a simple Excel-compatible spreadsheet, ready for your mailings,

consisting of the following data: ·

  • State & County
  • Case Number
  • Judgment Amount
  • Recording Date
  • Association Between Parties (Commercial or Consumer)
  • Plaintiff’s Name and Address
  • Defendant’s Name and Address
  • Phone Numbers (if available from the document)

Typically, we take a week to provide customized judgment leads. The Judgment leads we provide are customized to the specific needs of the customer, so pricing vary based on the effort and skills required to research and identify these leads. Feel free to write to us with details of your requirement for pricing and delivery schedule. We strive to provide coverage nationwide, we may find that we don’t have current coverage in the areas you need. Not to worry! We’ll be happy to recruit and expand our resources to provide such coverage for you.


We extract data from various online sources as per the customer requirements.We are process driven and ensure quality and on time completion of the task.We support some of the mission critical processes of the customers which require data accuracy and completeness for competitive advantage in the market place. We handle data and back end processes so that our customers
can focus their competencies.

We report process metric on agreed frequency and always strive for continuous improvement. Some of the process we handle now are:

1. Property Listing and Information updating process
2. Property Images Editing and updating process
3. Maintaining QuickBooks
4. Process of Records in Best Case
5. Maintaining FreedomSoft, and
6. Others.

For further information or free samples contact us at info@realsupermarket.com.

Data Enhancement

Data quality is a major factor in any marketing campaign. It can be the difference between success and failure. Our automated tools couple with manual data entry processes can make your data complete. Some of work we do

1. Finding addresses and phone numbers of names provided.
2. Fill the gaps in the data provided so that its easy to use for marketing.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

We offer Broker Price Opinion (BPO) back end services to Real Estate Investors, Realtors and Financial institutions at competitive prices. Scope of work includes compiling and analyzing all the property information gathered from online sources. Our turnaround time is 24 hours unless otherwise agreed upon. So having limited resources and time should no longer come in your way to expand your business and enhance profitability.

For further information contact us at info@realsupermarket.com.